Lessons must be booked in bulk, either for the entirety of a term or for a set number of lessons. Lessons cost $32 per 1/2 hour lesson. Should you require me to travel to you, prices will increase to cover costs.

Missed Lessons
1 missed lesson per term can be made up on another day during the term or during the term holiday break at no extra charge. This credit will not be carried over to a new term. 
Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you can’t make a lesson otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.

If a student is sick, they are asked not to attend their lesson. I may have to turn away students who are sick as this is a risk to my own health.
If I am sick the lesson will be credited or made up.

School Lessons & Turning Up
Students are responsible for arriving at their lesson on time. Valuable learning time is lost if I have to go and find them or retrieve them from class. If required, a reminder card can be provided for their class teacher. 


Termination of lessons
If a student wishes to discontinue their lessons at any point throughout the year, they will be
asked to complete the remainder of the current term. If the student does not wish to complete the 
term that is their choice, however there will be no refunds available.